Thursday, 21 May 2009

It Happens only in India

It Happens only in India

My sister was travelling by a rickshaw the other day, when the rickshaw driver stopped it suddenly. She was curious to know the reason for the sudden halt. What she was this guy passed on something to the guy driving the adjoining rick. My sister looked at him curiously to which he said "Usko Traffic Police ne pakda isliye maine usse apna license diya." My sister wondered how is this going to help him as the license has a photograph but she thought its none of my business and kept quite.

When she got down at the station and was paying the fare, the guy explained "Hum Judwe hain, ek hi license pe dono rickshaw chalate hain". My sister just couldn't stop smiling and queried "Agar aapke bhai ko license ki zaroorat ho aur aap nahin pahuche toh ?". Rickshaw walla "Abhi tak toh aise hua nahi. Jab bhi usse meri zaroorat hoti hain main pahuch jaata hoon. Aage Allah Malik"

My sister just smiled and started towards the station.

That's why I say "This can happen only in India. Where two guys can drive a rickshaw on one license. One brother has the confidence that he will always be there for his bro. And finally the silver lining he has full trust in the Almighty"

That's why we say Incredible India, isn't it ?