Monday, 6 July 2009

10 minutes

My youngest maternal uncle lives at USA of India. He was struck with a big misfortune when his office was shifted from Churchgate to Andheri. Poor guy had to travel to Dadar then change trains and reach his office. Around 3 weeks back when he was on his way to office he was alighting the bridge to catch the train for Andheri (two steps at a time) and finally when just three steps were left he slipped and fell down. Now let me tell you something about him before I proceed further. He is around 41, 5'7, nice built (used to hit the gym regularly when he was young) and weighs around 75 kgs. He landed on his right foot, somehow got up and went to office. Macho man applied some ointment and started working in office.

By evening the leg had swollen like a small football, he got onto his friends bike who left him at Thane station. As it would have been impossible to get in a train at Dadar. Reached home in great pain. Wife and daughter were not at home. As soon as my aunt saw his leg she said its a fracture but Macho-man wouldn't agree, he was of the opinion that all would be well tomorrow morning. But my aunt had nothing of it and took him to the doctor. The X-Ray report confirmed the fracture. 5th bone behind the last finger of the right leg.

So my dear Uncle who never had broken any of his bones finally got his leg plastered and had to stay home for 3 weeks.

When I asked him as to why you were in such a hurry to catch that particluar train. His response was that is the connecting train, the train after that doesn't stop at Andheri so I lose 10 minutes if I miss this train.

So the act of saving ten minutes cost him 30,240 mins.

Strange isn't it. How in today's world we are always running from one place to another and we all take risks. Sometimes we cross the road running in front of a speeding vehicle. We run behind trains, buses.

Its normal now to do these things but every time we take a risk we must also think what is at STAKE and if whats at Stake is bigger than what you would achieve by taking the risk. Then I don't need to tell what is the wise thing to do.....


  1. Nice tarun... I often tell people in the 'rat race'--- Stop, Smell the fresh air, Breathe, Thank God for what HE has given you and take time out to enjoy the same!!!