Thursday, 9 September 2010


kisine kaha aaj shubh din hain mandir chalo, toh main bhi chal pada
raaste main dekhe kuch masoom farishtay utha rahe the kachra pada
main rook gaya, gaya unke paas, poocha kuch khaoge
unki aankhen chamk uthi, kaha muskurakar kya khilaoge
aas paas dekha toh ek dukaan main vada ban raha tha
le gaya unhe aur kaha sambhalke khana vada garam hain
woh nanhe farishtay muskurake apni dagar par chal pade hain
kya kar rahe ho, mandir chalo awaaz aayi kahin se
maine kahan tum jao meri mulaqat hogayi uparwale se.............

Saturday, 4 September 2010


Hello friends,

I am just posting some random thoughts !!!!! waiting for feedback.....

24 gante, sau rishte, waqt kisko doon
jo kareeb hain woh samjega isliye kisi aur ko doon
pata hee nahin chala yun karte karte kab kareebi rishte door ho gaye
aur ab 24 gante hain par waqt dene ke liye koi nahin..........

Monday, 6 July 2009

In the journey called LIFE

Since I changed my job almost three years ago I stopped travelling by Public Transport on a daily basis. And after buying a car I literally stopped using Public Transport on the weekends as well.

And recently I hadn't stepped into a Train or a Bus for a long time. So the other day when I stepped into a train to go to VT, it was a nice experience. When I am travelling all by myself I am filled with all thoughts relating to me, me and only me. So there is no scope of something new or unsual crossing my mind. The Train journey just allows me to experience life.

In the train I observe the various kinds of people travelling with me. There would be a guy who would be sleeping, no matter how much noise we all are making. There would definetely be kids around, the older the better, the younger ones have a great ability of showcasing their vocal skills. And its fun how everybody would try there hand at bringing some peace to the already commotion filled compartment by asking the kiddo to relax. on one such ocassion when everything tried and tested didn't give us the desired result I took out the greatest invention of Mankind "My Mobile", played some ringtones and the little darling stopped crying. And everybody took a sigh of relief.

The Mobile which can work such wonders can also be a Nightmare on the Train journey. Now as far as I remember the Mobile was invented so that people could keep in touch. Wives can Track there Husbands. But now the Mobile should have everyting. The lastest being a 8 Mega pixel camera. But according to me the worst feature ever included in the Mobile is the Loudspeaker. So when travelling by train now a days I often find a guy who would have a China make Mobile with Loud speaker facility. He would try to show off by playing some stupid Remix Song and it would sound worst than a toddler crying at the top of his voice.

Whenever I encounter such a guy. I get angry and start thinking "Why doesn't he think of others ? Why should I listen to his nonsensical song ?" But surprisingly there wouldn't be anyone who would even think about it. They wouldn't get bothered by this. But Why so ? Am I the only one who thinks this way. The answer was ME. I was the one who was new to this set tup. The others are used to it and have to live with it daily. But if gets really annoying for me (which normally does after a couple of minutes) I ask the Train DJ to just lower the volume. The Train journey also gives me an opportunity to read and this music deprives me of that. Readers know how I feel.

The Train journey also allows me to relax as I see I am not the only one living in this world. There are others and that is sometimes a bit comforting.

Sometimes I just think about myself all the time and think that Life is a Battle which I am only fighting. But the Train journey reminds me that I am not alone. There are others who are fighting more fiercely and badly......................

10 minutes

My youngest maternal uncle lives at USA of India. He was struck with a big misfortune when his office was shifted from Churchgate to Andheri. Poor guy had to travel to Dadar then change trains and reach his office. Around 3 weeks back when he was on his way to office he was alighting the bridge to catch the train for Andheri (two steps at a time) and finally when just three steps were left he slipped and fell down. Now let me tell you something about him before I proceed further. He is around 41, 5'7, nice built (used to hit the gym regularly when he was young) and weighs around 75 kgs. He landed on his right foot, somehow got up and went to office. Macho man applied some ointment and started working in office.

By evening the leg had swollen like a small football, he got onto his friends bike who left him at Thane station. As it would have been impossible to get in a train at Dadar. Reached home in great pain. Wife and daughter were not at home. As soon as my aunt saw his leg she said its a fracture but Macho-man wouldn't agree, he was of the opinion that all would be well tomorrow morning. But my aunt had nothing of it and took him to the doctor. The X-Ray report confirmed the fracture. 5th bone behind the last finger of the right leg.

So my dear Uncle who never had broken any of his bones finally got his leg plastered and had to stay home for 3 weeks.

When I asked him as to why you were in such a hurry to catch that particluar train. His response was that is the connecting train, the train after that doesn't stop at Andheri so I lose 10 minutes if I miss this train.

So the act of saving ten minutes cost him 30,240 mins.

Strange isn't it. How in today's world we are always running from one place to another and we all take risks. Sometimes we cross the road running in front of a speeding vehicle. We run behind trains, buses.

Its normal now to do these things but every time we take a risk we must also think what is at STAKE and if whats at Stake is bigger than what you would achieve by taking the risk. Then I don't need to tell what is the wise thing to do.....

Thursday, 21 May 2009

It Happens only in India

It Happens only in India

My sister was travelling by a rickshaw the other day, when the rickshaw driver stopped it suddenly. She was curious to know the reason for the sudden halt. What she was this guy passed on something to the guy driving the adjoining rick. My sister looked at him curiously to which he said "Usko Traffic Police ne pakda isliye maine usse apna license diya." My sister wondered how is this going to help him as the license has a photograph but she thought its none of my business and kept quite.

When she got down at the station and was paying the fare, the guy explained "Hum Judwe hain, ek hi license pe dono rickshaw chalate hain". My sister just couldn't stop smiling and queried "Agar aapke bhai ko license ki zaroorat ho aur aap nahin pahuche toh ?". Rickshaw walla "Abhi tak toh aise hua nahi. Jab bhi usse meri zaroorat hoti hain main pahuch jaata hoon. Aage Allah Malik"

My sister just smiled and started towards the station.

That's why I say "This can happen only in India. Where two guys can drive a rickshaw on one license. One brother has the confidence that he will always be there for his bro. And finally the silver lining he has full trust in the Almighty"

That's why we say Incredible India, isn't it ?

Thursday, 26 March 2009

1st Feb 2001

First of all sincere apologies for not writing for such a long time.

This incident dates back to the year 2001. I was in my final year of B.Com. KBC was a big craze at that point of time. I had spent enough time and money calling and answering the questions, hoping I might get a chance to sit on the Hot Seat opposite Mr. AMITABH BACHCHAN. But no I wasn't that lucky.

One of my friends asked me if I would like to go as an audience to the KBC shoot. I was more than happy. So three of us DJ, Chote and me boarded the bus on 1st Feb'01 at around 8 a.m to go to Film City. We reached there by 9 a.m. I was pretty thrilled to see the set and was looking ahead to see Mr.Bachchan in person. I am a big fan of Mr.Bachchan. Folks at my place are always scared while scanning channels, because if I see "Trishul, Sholay, Agneepath, Aakhri Raasta, Amar Akbar Anthony,etc" playing then they will have to see the film even if we have watched these more than 10 times.

Its 11 but there is still no sign of Mr.Bachchan. I had woken up at 7 to get ready and be on time. The shoot might be cancelled is one thought which has crossed my mind more than once and I hope this doesn't come true. Finally at 11.30 a guy announces that Mr.Bachchan has arrived and the shooting will start in some time so please take your loo breaks as nobody would be allowed to leave during the shooting. So DJ, Chote and me headed towards the loo.

I and Chote were through and were waiting for DJ who had gone before us so when he came back

I - "Abe hafte bhar ka ek saath kar raha tha kya ?"

DJ - "Abe kuch nahin hua"

I - "Toh itni der kya kar raha tha?"

DJ - "Koshish kar raha tha".

I and Chote burst out laughing. Actually the poor guy was scared that if he had to take a leak during the shooting he won't be allowed so was trying hard.

We got back and finally Mr.Bachchan came on the set. There was a lot of noise, people going crazy, waving hands. Finally everybody settled down. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was in a state of shock you can say.

The shooting was completed and Mr.Bachchan was making his way back when a gal on the first row said

"Sir Sir offering her hand and guess what Mr.Bachchan shook hands with her"

I almost died with jealousy watching this. I was on the 3rd row. I thought I would also try my luck. So I stood up and shouted

"Sir Sir offering my hand".

Mr. Bachchan looked at me and at the same time a security guard shouted " Hey Sit down right now".

I sat down thinking this was the best opportunity and I had lost it. Gone. This is the height of bad luck.

With a heavy heart I sat down.

What happened at the same time is Mr.Bachchan looked at the security guard must have glared at him then he looked at me, nodded his head signalling me to come down.

I was shocked and couldn't believe my luck. I started walking down the stairs.

After that all I remember is my small hands being encircled by his big hands and I just stood there. Freezed. I was just looking at him and couldn't believe what was happening.

After that DJ patted on my shoulder and said "Abe chal woh gaya".

I didn't even know he had left.

All day long I was in a happy mood. After all I had shook hands with MR. AMITABH BACHCHAN.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Am I alright?

10th March’09

On my way back from office, I was very happy because I had a holiday next day. I was making big plans for the next day. Sleeping till 10. Oh… that’s too early. Lets make it 11 or if I can till 12. Wake up, have a nice breakfast. Watch the India – New Zealand match. Have lunch and then sleep again till 5 or 6. And so on and so forth.

I reached home, watched TV, and had dinner. On the dinner table all my plans for the next day were not broken but shattered into tiny tiny pieces by my dear darling sister. She pleasantly and in a very sweet way informed me that I had to drop her to office the next and as it was the day of “Holi”, we would leave around 7 to avoid the normal problems (balloons and all).

So guys deeply saddened by the change of the events I hit the bed but couldn’t sleep properly. Put an alarm for 6.30 A.M. It’s a crime to wake up at 6.30 A.m on a holiday. I know that.

11th March’09

Time passes by quickly when you are in no mood to wake up so early in the morning, isn’t it? I felt the same when the alarm started ringing, snoozed it 3 times. Wait I think 4 times. Finally woke up, sister wasn’t ready, waited for madam to start the journey. Finally started my bike and zoomed towards her office. Came back tired, really tired. It took me around 40 minutes. Not one way man. Going and coming. Don’t be surprised I woke up 5 to 6 hours before my schedule for the day. Sympathise with me. Come on. Stop smiling.

Hit the bed again, was feeling sleepy. I started dreaming about some stupid things but I clearly remember dreaming about my friend Mrs. L (No she isn’t any aunty, she is my college buddy), she stays at Sharjah. she was having a conversation with her husband about coming to Mumbai and finally he said “Ok you can go”. L was planning for quite some time to come to Mumbai.

The next thing, hold on guys. My wife wakes me up hands me the cordless phone and says “L wants to talk to you”. I know she can call from Sharjah. But you don’t know what she said. She said “Hi, I am back”. I am like you have reached Mumbai. She is like Yes, just came today.

I am not surprised, I am shocked man. Come on I just dreamt about her hubby giving her the green signal and zoom L calls up.

I am still wondering whether this is because I woke up 5 to 6 hours before my schedule or I have some hidden Super Natural powers which start to show up only after you have been married for more than a year (Marriage is also a kind of Tapasya, right ??)