Thursday, 12 March 2009

Am I alright?

10th March’09

On my way back from office, I was very happy because I had a holiday next day. I was making big plans for the next day. Sleeping till 10. Oh… that’s too early. Lets make it 11 or if I can till 12. Wake up, have a nice breakfast. Watch the India – New Zealand match. Have lunch and then sleep again till 5 or 6. And so on and so forth.

I reached home, watched TV, and had dinner. On the dinner table all my plans for the next day were not broken but shattered into tiny tiny pieces by my dear darling sister. She pleasantly and in a very sweet way informed me that I had to drop her to office the next and as it was the day of “Holi”, we would leave around 7 to avoid the normal problems (balloons and all).

So guys deeply saddened by the change of the events I hit the bed but couldn’t sleep properly. Put an alarm for 6.30 A.M. It’s a crime to wake up at 6.30 A.m on a holiday. I know that.

11th March’09

Time passes by quickly when you are in no mood to wake up so early in the morning, isn’t it? I felt the same when the alarm started ringing, snoozed it 3 times. Wait I think 4 times. Finally woke up, sister wasn’t ready, waited for madam to start the journey. Finally started my bike and zoomed towards her office. Came back tired, really tired. It took me around 40 minutes. Not one way man. Going and coming. Don’t be surprised I woke up 5 to 6 hours before my schedule for the day. Sympathise with me. Come on. Stop smiling.

Hit the bed again, was feeling sleepy. I started dreaming about some stupid things but I clearly remember dreaming about my friend Mrs. L (No she isn’t any aunty, she is my college buddy), she stays at Sharjah. she was having a conversation with her husband about coming to Mumbai and finally he said “Ok you can go”. L was planning for quite some time to come to Mumbai.

The next thing, hold on guys. My wife wakes me up hands me the cordless phone and says “L wants to talk to you”. I know she can call from Sharjah. But you don’t know what she said. She said “Hi, I am back”. I am like you have reached Mumbai. She is like Yes, just came today.

I am not surprised, I am shocked man. Come on I just dreamt about her hubby giving her the green signal and zoom L calls up.

I am still wondering whether this is because I woke up 5 to 6 hours before my schedule or I have some hidden Super Natural powers which start to show up only after you have been married for more than a year (Marriage is also a kind of Tapasya, right ??)


  1. @ Tarun... good one... please wake up early tomorrow and dream something good about me pls... I could use some good luck here :)

  2. Before I take up this hurricane task lets decide whats you mean by GOOD. WE might have opposite definitions after all.

  3. I am so happy u had to wake up so early... i slept like a log till 10:30 and then had a great time watching everyone else get drenched in color...