Thursday, 26 March 2009

1st Feb 2001

First of all sincere apologies for not writing for such a long time.

This incident dates back to the year 2001. I was in my final year of B.Com. KBC was a big craze at that point of time. I had spent enough time and money calling and answering the questions, hoping I might get a chance to sit on the Hot Seat opposite Mr. AMITABH BACHCHAN. But no I wasn't that lucky.

One of my friends asked me if I would like to go as an audience to the KBC shoot. I was more than happy. So three of us DJ, Chote and me boarded the bus on 1st Feb'01 at around 8 a.m to go to Film City. We reached there by 9 a.m. I was pretty thrilled to see the set and was looking ahead to see Mr.Bachchan in person. I am a big fan of Mr.Bachchan. Folks at my place are always scared while scanning channels, because if I see "Trishul, Sholay, Agneepath, Aakhri Raasta, Amar Akbar Anthony,etc" playing then they will have to see the film even if we have watched these more than 10 times.

Its 11 but there is still no sign of Mr.Bachchan. I had woken up at 7 to get ready and be on time. The shoot might be cancelled is one thought which has crossed my mind more than once and I hope this doesn't come true. Finally at 11.30 a guy announces that Mr.Bachchan has arrived and the shooting will start in some time so please take your loo breaks as nobody would be allowed to leave during the shooting. So DJ, Chote and me headed towards the loo.

I and Chote were through and were waiting for DJ who had gone before us so when he came back

I - "Abe hafte bhar ka ek saath kar raha tha kya ?"

DJ - "Abe kuch nahin hua"

I - "Toh itni der kya kar raha tha?"

DJ - "Koshish kar raha tha".

I and Chote burst out laughing. Actually the poor guy was scared that if he had to take a leak during the shooting he won't be allowed so was trying hard.

We got back and finally Mr.Bachchan came on the set. There was a lot of noise, people going crazy, waving hands. Finally everybody settled down. I couldn't believe my eyes. I was in a state of shock you can say.

The shooting was completed and Mr.Bachchan was making his way back when a gal on the first row said

"Sir Sir offering her hand and guess what Mr.Bachchan shook hands with her"

I almost died with jealousy watching this. I was on the 3rd row. I thought I would also try my luck. So I stood up and shouted

"Sir Sir offering my hand".

Mr. Bachchan looked at me and at the same time a security guard shouted " Hey Sit down right now".

I sat down thinking this was the best opportunity and I had lost it. Gone. This is the height of bad luck.

With a heavy heart I sat down.

What happened at the same time is Mr.Bachchan looked at the security guard must have glared at him then he looked at me, nodded his head signalling me to come down.

I was shocked and couldn't believe my luck. I started walking down the stairs.

After that all I remember is my small hands being encircled by his big hands and I just stood there. Freezed. I was just looking at him and couldn't believe what was happening.

After that DJ patted on my shoulder and said "Abe chal woh gaya".

I didn't even know he had left.

All day long I was in a happy mood. After all I had shook hands with MR. AMITABH BACHCHAN.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Am I alright?

10th March’09

On my way back from office, I was very happy because I had a holiday next day. I was making big plans for the next day. Sleeping till 10. Oh… that’s too early. Lets make it 11 or if I can till 12. Wake up, have a nice breakfast. Watch the India – New Zealand match. Have lunch and then sleep again till 5 or 6. And so on and so forth.

I reached home, watched TV, and had dinner. On the dinner table all my plans for the next day were not broken but shattered into tiny tiny pieces by my dear darling sister. She pleasantly and in a very sweet way informed me that I had to drop her to office the next and as it was the day of “Holi”, we would leave around 7 to avoid the normal problems (balloons and all).

So guys deeply saddened by the change of the events I hit the bed but couldn’t sleep properly. Put an alarm for 6.30 A.M. It’s a crime to wake up at 6.30 A.m on a holiday. I know that.

11th March’09

Time passes by quickly when you are in no mood to wake up so early in the morning, isn’t it? I felt the same when the alarm started ringing, snoozed it 3 times. Wait I think 4 times. Finally woke up, sister wasn’t ready, waited for madam to start the journey. Finally started my bike and zoomed towards her office. Came back tired, really tired. It took me around 40 minutes. Not one way man. Going and coming. Don’t be surprised I woke up 5 to 6 hours before my schedule for the day. Sympathise with me. Come on. Stop smiling.

Hit the bed again, was feeling sleepy. I started dreaming about some stupid things but I clearly remember dreaming about my friend Mrs. L (No she isn’t any aunty, she is my college buddy), she stays at Sharjah. she was having a conversation with her husband about coming to Mumbai and finally he said “Ok you can go”. L was planning for quite some time to come to Mumbai.

The next thing, hold on guys. My wife wakes me up hands me the cordless phone and says “L wants to talk to you”. I know she can call from Sharjah. But you don’t know what she said. She said “Hi, I am back”. I am like you have reached Mumbai. She is like Yes, just came today.

I am not surprised, I am shocked man. Come on I just dreamt about her hubby giving her the green signal and zoom L calls up.

I am still wondering whether this is because I woke up 5 to 6 hours before my schedule or I have some hidden Super Natural powers which start to show up only after you have been married for more than a year (Marriage is also a kind of Tapasya, right ??)

Monday, 9 March 2009


Cute, Adorable, Naughty, Sweet, Lovely, etc.. all these adjectives are showered upon the new born baby. Then the analysis starts. He looks like her mom. No not at all, the eyes are similar but the nose is like his dad. No no wait, I think he looks more like his mom’s sister or brother. Will you guys just hold on and let me analyse the situation says the proud grandma. I think he just looks like his father when he was born. Father starts beaming like a 100w Philips bulb. End of the speculations for the time being.

Poor child has just arrived in this world and he is being compared with everybody. Not even his nose is left out of this fantastic analysis. Everybody is in a happy mood. Father is busy calling everybody and announcing proudly “Main BAAP ban gaya”. Next he will stop at the finest sweets shop and buy kilos of sweets and will start distributing. Starting with the peons in the hospital to the nurses, doctors, visitors, security guards at his residence, watchman, milkman, paper wala, neighbours, friends, relatives and finally will enter office with lots of sweet boxes, will ensure everybody gets one atleast.

The only way the child can communicate his displeasure, problem or inconvenience is by crying. So the now the question which everybody is looking for an answer for is “Why is he crying?”. The number of answers is directly proportional to the number of people present in the room. Sorry my mistake. I meant atleast, because a person will give more than one answer. The number of answers given by a person is in turn directly proportional to his/her age.

Some usual answers are :

1. he is hungry
2. he has wet his pants
3. he is feeling hot
4. the “Aaya” has tied him tightly
5. mosquito or ant must have bitten him
6. he must have seen a bad dream.

I am ok with the first 5 answers but the last one is really creative. Would like to know who came with this answer first. A few days old baby who cannot speak, who was in his mamma’s belly till now will be dreaming all of a sudden. My question is and please send me the answer if you have one as to “What will be the baby dream about?”

One of my friends had a baby boy in October. The kiddo is what 3 months old. As with kids his age he started sucking his thumb. One day his mom scolded him and asked him not to do that. The kiddo for same unknown reason didn’t look at his mom that day and when next day she said Sorry to him and touched his feet he looked at her and smiled. This is what my friend’s mom told me.

Actually my friend’s father-in-law passed a just a few days before his marriage. As Hindu tradition believes in rebirth. These guys believe that this young lad is the rebirth of my friend’s father-in-law.

So now what this whole scenario means is. A 3 month old kiddo can differentiate in somebody talking to him or scolding to him. He can get angry, hold a grudge against his mom and will forgive when the person asks for forgiveness. This also means he knows what anger, grudge and forgiveness is. Great lad.

I am not saying all this is rubbish and I don’t believe in this. The point I am trying to make here is if this kiddo is possible of doing this, my friend is going to have one hell of a time raising him. Hehehehe. Right folks ??

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Specials @ 10

A new series has started on Sony Entertainment Television. Four acclaimed directors Anuarag Kashyap, Mahesh Manjrekar, Madhur Bhandarkar and Vikram Bhatt have directed four short films long enough to be telecasted for 12 weeks. Yesterday I happened to watch one of Mahesh Manjrekar's titled "Har Kadam par Shaque".

This guy impressed me a lot with his first film "Vastav". Terrific dialogues, superb acting and perfect casting. I watched this 3 times. Just loved it. But then I think he lost direction and came up with blunders. Absolute blunders. Its very difficult for me to understand how a guy who made Vastav can also make a film "Laloo Prasad Padamshree". He also made another good film "Astitiva" but apart from this, everything was bad. I mean really bad.

So yesterday when the episode started, on one side I had huge expectation from the director of "Vastav" and on the other hand I thought this one might add into his list of ever growing blunders. But I was in for a surprise.

The episode started with a new married couple running in a secluded beautiful forest area. running around trees.The gal leading as usual and the poor guy running behind her. Finally when the young gal got tired and lied down on a bed of green leaves, the husband caught up with her and when he lied down next to her. He saw. Pretty unnerving for a guy on his honeymoon. A body of a young gal lying just a few feet away from them. He is shocked, paralysed by this view. Wife follows his line of view turns her head sees the body, starts screaming and running.

Terrific start. Next scene police arrive at the scene. The Inspector knows the gal, expresses concern not for the gal but how will he communicate this to somebody. Next a guy starts walking towards a ringing phone. Picks its up asks "Where did you find her, What has she done now?". Its the Inspector on the other line says "Sir. aaaaaaaa. Sir. We have found her body". The guys collapses on a nearby chair.

Its a small town where this has happened. New spreads like fire. In the scheme of events we get to know that the name of the dead gal is Mallika. She is the Mayor's daughter. His other daughter Anjali arrives at the scene and can't believe her sister has died. The Post Mortem report concludes the cause of death as "Overdose of drug". New characters are introduced in the plot. Taneja, a wealthy guy who wants to set up a 2,000 crore project there. He has been having some problems with the Mayor. Anjali wants a CBI investigation as she believes he sister wasn't into drugs at all.

Mallika's ex-boyfriend had returned and met her just a few days before her death. Suddenly a guy enters the picture. He is walking towards the police station, finds it closed. Checks into a hotel, leaves his profession "blank" when signing into the hotel, goes to the pub. Starts a conversation with the bar tender. And in due course identifies himself as a photographer who has come to cover the Death of the Mayor's daughter. Bribes the bartender and learns that 2 guys were fighting with each other over Mallika just a day before her death in the pub and one of them even fired a gun.

Next morning when he again walks into the police station, scares the hell out of all the guys by showing his ID card as a CBI Officer. He has come to solve the mystery of Mallika's death.

Interesting start. this story is going to unfold in a span of 12 weeks. I am hoping the ending would be as good as the start. So Mr. Manjrekar might again get into my personal list of good directors. I am eagerly waiting for next Wednesday.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Lesson in a Train

On my return journey from Kasara in the local train. A family (Father, Mother and two young daughters) got in at the next station. The train was fairly empty and all of them got a seat. They were sitting on the adjacent seats.

They were just sitting quietly, mother was looking pretty tired, dad was in his normal mood, and the two young darlings were playing with each other. Both of them were very happy and giggling from time to time. You know how two siblings know exactly what to do to make each other smile or laugh. Very cute indeed.

There is something about kids, the moment they smile at me or even if I see a kiddo smiling for some moments I forgot all my tensions, worries, how bad my life is everything. I smile at them and I am in a peaceful state for quite a few seconds because you know I need to keep on worrying or thinking. I am a grown-up guy you see.

So I again caught my train of thoughts and started moving from one station to another as my train of thoughts doesn’t have a destination. It only knows to run, run and run for no good reason at all.

Suddenly something stopped my train and I looked around to find out what was it that made me stop running my train at full speed. And to my surprise it was the crying of the younger one. I was zonked because I had left the two siblings in a happy mood before starting my train.

I love kids and I like to know the reason behind a child crying, even I try to do something to make them stop crying. So I started concentrating and as I think I am smart I tried to analyze the situation.

Step One – Who is the Culprit ??? . I looked at the Mother; you know most of the times when Mom screams the child screams. But know it wasn’t going to be that easy. Next suspect the father, poor guy was also contemplating the reason for the sudden change in the events. Finally, the last suspect was the real culprit the Elder Sister, ha ha ha. Step One complete.

Step Two – What did the Culprit do ??? (Difficult, sometimes almost IMPOSSIBLE to find out). So now I am looking at everybody and trying to find out the reason. Looking at the Elder one, Mom and Dad. Then again from Dad, Mom to the Elder one. While I am doing this the kiddo is screaming at the top of her voice. She stops in between to breathe and again OooooooooooAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaHHHHHHHHHHHH.

I can’t listen to a child crying makes me do something about it. Finally after 5 minutes of the above routine I have cracked it. There is a small packet of Aavla Supari and the Elder one has committed the BIGGEST crime of consuming 2-3 pieces of supari which has made the kiddo ANGRY. Second Step complete.

Mom tries consoling her; Dad tries to soothe her and this whole scenario the poor elder one is screamed upon by the two parties from time to time. But the kiddo is ANGRY and won’t listen to anything. Finally somebody vacates the window seat; Dad seats himself there, with the kiddo on his lap still screaming in front of me. He points out of the window and shows her a Cow, a house. Suddenly the kiddo is all silent. The Crying and wailing has stopped. I was very happy but suddenly the kiddo was starting again but this time also Dad promptly came to my rescue and showed again something. This continued twice or thrice and the kiddo never cried again. After a few minutes the kiddo started playing with her elder sister again. Same giggling and laughing. Wow so Cute.

I started thinking, the kiddo was damn angry with the elder one a few minutes ago. Had the attention of all the passengers in the compartment, was crying at the top of her voice and now they are playing with each other. How did this happen ??

You know when I get angry with somebody, not normal anger but you know really angry, I stop speaking with that person. I keep on thinking about what that person did to me again and again and again. This keeps me focused and determined to not give in and forgive that person, come what may.

But you know the kiddo is small doesn’t have a good memory like me. I am grown up. I can remember things. I have some rules and regulations which if anybody breaks will have to pay a price for that. People will start walking all over me if I keep on forgiving them every time. They need to be taught a lesson. So I will keep reminding myself what bad things that person did to me.

Where as it would just take a minute for me to think something else, look ahead, let go and forgive that person like how the kiddo did. The kiddo doesn’t hold grudges, has a book “How you should Treat me” that’s why she forgot what had happened and started playing with her sister. So simply she taught me a lesson.

So from now on I am not going to hold grudges, I am going to move on, I am going to Let Go of the thoughts. Because the person whom I am ANGRY with might be happy, having fun but I am in a bad mood because I am thinking about that whole episode again and again and again.

I have now discovered that I can’t stop the train of my thoughts but I can replace the station of GRUDGE, TENSION, WORRY, HOW DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME to LET GO, SMILE, LOOK AHEAD, BE CHILDLIKE which would eventually lead to me my destination of HAPPY LIVING.

Peacefully Driving in Mumbai – POSSIBLE ???

I read somewhere the hazards of getting angry, and after reading and thinking about it, I found out that while driving my car I get angry very often. I start abusing the infamous Rickshaw wallas, Taxi drivers and even poor Pedestrians. (Especially women because I still can’t be sure whether they will be crossing the road or let me pass)

So today when I started my car and started for office, I decided that I would just observe myself and try not to get angry. As soon as I approached the first crossroad a Rickshaw walla was obstructing my way and instead of getting angry, spoiling my mood, or start abusing. I just observed. Believe it or not in less than 30 seconds the Rickshaw walla had cleared my way, so had the anger, frustration and disappointment from my head.

Isn’t it ironical that in today’s age I can’t even bear inconvenience for less than 30 seconds? I want a clear road, everybody should let me go first, and everybody should drive the way I think is "RIGHT". Most of the guys don’t know "How to Drive" and should learn from me. I forgot to mention that I got my driving license on 15th of May 2008. Only 287 days ago. I don’t even drive daily, most of the time I ride my bike and when I am on the bike I keep abusing the Carwallas and when driving I keep abusing the Bikewallas.

In short when I am driving not only the Carwallas but also the Bikewallas should learn from me because they are most of the time WRONG.

"People behave in the same way no matter in whatever situation they are". If that is the case and I honestly look at the other walks of my life its TRUE.

From the time I wake up, I want everything to be the way I want, if there is even a slight mismatch I loose my cool. I will either shout or spoil my mood thinking Oh…. God it’s going to be a bad day.

I don’t have any space for anything other than my expectations. I am not ready to accept the fact that everything can’t be the way I want.

So from today onwards I would just observe myself and see how I react to the situation. And it’s upto me whether to get angry, spoil my and others mood or wear a "SMILE" on my face.